W.I.T. – case study

25 September 2023

As a FORS accredited operator with a fleet of drawbar and artic trucks, and also offering HGV garage services, W.I.T. wanted a paperless solution to share information with its drivers and technicians. Following a demo in the summer of 2022, W.I.T. implemented The Driver Handbook for its 30+ driving staff to have the flexibility to […]

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When things go wrong

21 September 2023

It’s a fact of life. Things don’t always go as planned. Even if you’ve meticulously prepared your day to the last detail, it will more than likely work out differently. Ensuring drivers are ready for every situation and know what to do when things go wrong can help remove stress, uncertainty and helps gets things back […]

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20mph in Wales

18 September 2023

A new 20mph speed limit now applies to residential and busy pedestrian streets with streetlights in Wales. This is to make roads safer reducing the number of collisions, severe injuries and the impact on the NHS. It is also expected to encourage more people to walk and cycle, help to improve health and wellbeing, and […]

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EU Drivers’ Hours

15 August 2023

EU drivers’ hours rules apply to drivers of vehicles (or trailer combinations) exceeding 3.5 tonnes GVW and vehicles fitted with more than nine passenger seats. They are a complicated set of rules made even more complex when overlaid with the Working Time Directive. Whether it’s driving time, working time, rest breaks or periods of availability […]

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Driving standards

20 July 2023

Vehicles don’t have accidents, people do. It is not generally due to a misunderstanding of the rules, but more often than not, due to a lapse in concentration, a genuine mistake or a deliberate breaking of the rules. Whether it’s speed, distraction, mobile phone use or a disregard for other road users, all can lead […]

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Wheels and tyres

21 June 2023

Wheels and tyres are the final element in a vehicle’s transmission train and are essential to a vehicle’s stability and control. They are the only component that keeps a vehicle in frictional contact with the road and are constantly exerting the pressures of steering, braking and acceleration. If a wheel or tyre fails at speed, […]

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Flannery Plant Hire – case study

13 June 2023

Flannery Plant Hire operates from a network of nine depots across the UK and as such has a dispersed workforce of drivers, working to varying shift patterns. In 2021 Flannery Director, John Moran identified The Driver Handbook as a simple method to ensure its staff received consistent and timely information and messaging. The Driver Handbook […]

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Cargo Express – case study

24 May 2023

The problem With 95 drivers across five sites, all working various shifts, both am and pm; being able to distribute information to Cargo Express’ workforce was an almost impossible task. As an Earned Recognition operator, the company has a requirement to not only provide its drivers with instructions in writing via a handbook, but also […]

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HGV Safety Equipment

16 May 2023

Most HGVs are retrofitted with enhanced safety features to minimise the risk of injury to other road users in a vehicle’s blindspots. Other road users are the most vulnerable, such as pedestrians and cyclists. Blindspot vision aids and blindspot warnings are a demonstration of a company’s investment and commitment to reduce road risk. Camera monitoring […]

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We’re a CLOCS Delivery Partner

11 May 2023

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve become a CLOCS Delivery Partner. It goes without saying that drivers in construction supply chains need access to essential safety information. Whether regulatory policies, safe working practices or site-specific rules, the information needs to be clear, relevant and up to date. Via The Driver Handbook operators can access our: […]

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