Mental wellbeing

22 July 2024

One in four of us will be affected by mental health but it can still be a scary or little known subject. It relates to the way we think and feel and our ability to deal with life’s ups and downs. Mental ill health is common, it affects many people at some point in their […]

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We’re now partnered with Logico!

16 July 2024

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Logico to deliver The Driver Handbook’s digital driver communication solution. This new partnership will see The Driver Handbook product become part of Logico’s already comprehensive portfolio of transport services. The Driver Handbook comprises a mobile app for drivers, enabled by TDHConnect® a powerful content management system which […]

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Load safety

28 June 2024

Ensuring vehicle cargo is safely loaded, correctly distributed and properly restrained is a critical driver responsibility. Not only does effective load security prevent danger to other road users, it also helps ensure that goods arrive at their destination undamaged. There are tens of thousands of items retrieved from the strategic road network each year. Many […]

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Euro 2024 and the morning after

14 June 2024

With Euro 2024 kicking off today until 14 July, drivers should be conscious of their alcohol intake if they’re driving the following morning. Throughout the competition, roads policing officers across the country will be enhancing patrols, targeting drink drivers to ensure that everyone gets home safe. The morning after can catch out even the most responsible […]

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The fatal four

22 May 2024

The ‘fatal four’ refers to the leading causes of death and serious injury in road traffic collisions. Not just in the UK but worldwide. These are: not wearing seatbelts; speeding/driving too fast for the conditions; using mobile phones/devices at the wheel; and driving when impaired through alcohol/drugs. All of the fatal four are in the […]

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Walkaround checks and defect reports

26 April 2024

Drivers are legally responsible for the condition of their vehicle when it’s on the road and they must carry out a walkaround check before the vehicle is used. The results of the checks must be recorded and any safety defects must be reported and fixed before the vehicle is driven.  Walkaround checks are essential to helping ensure the […]

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Digitising driver communications – H&P Freightways uses The Driver Handbook

26 March 2024

RHA member H&P Freightways is the UK’s largest independent ISO tank haulier, delivering tank containers loaded with bulk liquids, powders and gases, since 1975. Toward the end of 2023, H&P Freightways signed up for The Driver Handbook via a new partnership with the Road Haulage Association. With approximately 90 drivers across the UK, from Scotland […]

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Workplace safety

18 March 2024

Everyone at work needs to know how to operate safely, without risk to themselves and others. A driver’s workplace can be a depot, warehouse, construction site, delivery point, or even the side of the road. These can be dangerous places, especially if people aren’t familiar with the risks they present. Around 25% of workplace deaths involving […]

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Driver roadworthiness

15 February 2024

In comparison to vehicle roadworthiness, there is no common industry practice to manage driver roadworthiness. Whether it’s physical fitness, mental health or impairments such as distraction, fatigue, drugs and alcohol. Drivers are exposed to a multitude of occupational health risks and have higher than average rates of obesity, diabetes and blood pressure. Their shifts can […]

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The RHA partners with The Driver Handbook to deliver revolutionary driver communications

2 February 2024

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with the RHA to deliver a revolutionary driver communication solution to RHA Members. This exciting new partnership sees the creation of the RHA Driver Handbook. This new partner service for RHA members brings together a digital solution developed by specialists in road transport, fleet management, health and safety […]

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