Digitising driver communications – H&P Freightways uses The Driver Handbook

26 March 2024

RHA member H&P Freightways is the UK’s largest independent ISO tank haulier, delivering tank containers loaded with bulk liquids, powders and gases, since 1975. Toward the end of 2023, H&P Freightways signed up for The Driver Handbook via a new partnership with the Road Haulage Association. With approximately 90 drivers across the UK, from Scotland […]

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Workplace safety

18 March 2024

Everyone at work needs to know how to operate safely, without risk to themselves and others. A driver’s workplace can be a depot, warehouse, construction site, delivery point, or even the side of the road. These can be dangerous places, especially if people aren’t familiar with the risks they present. Around 25% of workplace deaths involving […]

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Driver roadworthiness

15 February 2024

In comparison to vehicle roadworthiness, there is no common industry practice to manage driver roadworthiness. Whether it’s physical fitness, mental health or impairments such as distraction, fatigue, drugs and alcohol. Drivers are exposed to a multitude of occupational health risks and have higher than average rates of obesity, diabetes and blood pressure. Their shifts can […]

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The RHA partners with The Driver Handbook to deliver revolutionary driver communications

2 February 2024

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with the RHA to deliver a revolutionary driver communication solution to RHA Members. This exciting new partnership sees the creation of the RHA Driver Handbook. This new partner service for RHA members brings together a digital solution developed by specialists in road transport, fleet management, health and safety […]

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Clean Air Zones

18 January 2024

Toxic air pollution is the biggest environmental killer in the UK and cities are introducing Clean Air Zones to make the air we breathe cleaner. Air pollution affects everyone and contributes to respiratory, heart and kidney disease as well as dementia and type 2 diabetes. To improve the air we breathe and to reduce exposure to […]

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Christmas drink driving

11 December 2023

THINK before you drink this Christmas. Every year we all work hard to campaign and spread awareness around the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. Yet year on year, the consequence of driver decisions continues to cause devastation or loss of vocation. Imagine the heartbreak to be told that a loved one won’t […]

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Walk around check information – translations available

22 November 2023

Essential driver walkaround check information on the .gov website, in over 20 different languages is now available in The Driver Handbook. The translations are designed to help drivers with their routine before, during and after use checks where English is a second or foreign language. The guidance in all translated languages is the same as […]

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Safe speed

17 November 2023

The theme for this year’s Brake Road Safety Week campaign is ‘Let’s talk about SPEED’. The impact of speeding can be devastating and the difference of a few miles per hour can mean the difference between life and death. Also, many collisions happen whilst driving within the speed limit, but too fast for the road or […]

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Winter driving

20 October 2023

Clocks go back an hour on the last Sunday of October marking the end of summer and the start of daylight saving. Winter is on the doorstep, meaning the days will be getting shorter and adverse weather is set to make road conditions a little more challenging. To ensure drivers are fully prepared for the […]

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HGV Mirrors

5 October 2023

Approximately 90% of the information drivers use is visual and eyes are one of the most important road safety features. However, there are different areas of blindspot around HGVs and a complete mirror system enables indirect vision to these areas. It’s critical that drivers know the different mirror class types, their legal field of vision and […]

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