W.I.T. – case study

25 September 2023

As a FORS accredited operator with a fleet of drawbar and artic trucks, and also offering HGV garage services, W.I.T. wanted a paperless solution to share information with its drivers and technicians.

Following a demo in the summer of 2022, W.I.T. implemented The Driver Handbook for its 30+ driving staff to have the flexibility to load the company’s policies, procedures and risk assessments and also to help meet FORS requirements.

Richard Coulson, Traffic Office Manager said:

Since setting up The Driver Handbook over 12 months ago, we’re now almost completely paper-free for our drivers. We used to go through boxes of paper on a monthly basis and now we’re even getting rid of filing cabinets!

The true benefit for W.I.T. though is that it’s so easy to share information with our drivers no matter when or where. Also, our managers can see drivers’ information just by logging in to TDHConnect, wherever they are, instead of having to come to the office to look at paper records.

It’s also been a big help when it’s come to our FORS audit. Previously we had the massive task of writing, updating and distributing our own handbooks and health and safety information; whereas now it’s saved us so much time and effort at audit. All the information’s in one place, along with all the evidence on what we’re doing with our drivers”.

In early 2023, W.I.T. realised The Driver Handbook technology would also be invaluable for its workshop technicians and set about creating a Garage handbook, to include all the relevant health and safety information needed for the garage team. With two comprehensive and company-specific handbooks set up, and following completion of the government trial of Longer Semi-Trailers (LST), W.I.T. is now looking to also add LST route plans, risk assessments and written advice notes for its drivers.

Since we’ve been working with The Driver Handbook, everything’s been made so much easier for us in terms of our information sharing with our drivers and garage staff,” said Richard.

This has been helped by the flexibility of the system in that it covers so many bases, and isn’t just a digital handbook. In my view they’re a completely different company in that respect – if you’ve got a question or need any help, you usually get an answer within minutes. The Driver Handbook tool, combined with the unique level of service and support offered by the TDH team, is like a breath of fresh air and I wish we’d done it sooner”.