When things go wrong

21 September 2023

It’s a fact of life. Things don’t always go as planned. Even if you’ve meticulously prepared your day to the last detail, it will more than likely work out differently. Ensuring drivers are ready for every situation and know what to do when things go wrong can help remove stress, uncertainty and helps gets things back on track as quickly as possible.

Whether it’s a road traffic collision, workplace accident, a vehicle breakdown or a roadside check – a driver’s prompt action can dictate the turn of events.

This month’s When things go wrong toolbox talk reminds drivers of what to do when their day doesn’t go to plan and their actions to take in a range of scenarios. It covers:

  • At the scene of a road traffic collision, reporting and what to do if the police are in attendance
  • Workplace accidents that result in personal injury or damage to property
  • Vehicle breakdowns, punctures and blowouts on all road types, including motorways
  • The roadside check procedure if you are required to stop by an enforcement officer

Unplanned events can be a stressful experience and not knowing what to do instinctively can worsen a situation. Luckily drivers don’t have too much first-hand experience in handling incidents, therefore it’s essential to ensure they are well informed and prepared via the toolbox talk process.