20mph in Wales

18 September 2023

A new 20mph speed limit now applies to residential and busy pedestrian streets with streetlights in Wales. This is to make roads safer reducing the number of collisions, severe injuries and the impact on the NHS. It is also expected to encourage more people to walk and cycle, help to improve health and wellbeing, and safeguard the environment for future generations.

Drivers will be well aware of the consequences of not complying with speed limits but when there is a widespread change in this way, a lapse in concentration could lead to unwelcome penalties.

As well as updating The Driver Handbook content, a 20mph in Wales toolbox talk has been developed to help communicate this change to drivers. It covers:

  • The new 20mph default speed limit on Welsh urban roads
  • Why the Welsh government has made this change
  • The road safety benefits and expected casualty reductions
  • A driver’s awareness and responsibilities

The UK Highway Code rule 124 has also been updated. It’s vitally important that drivers are aware of the 20mph urban speed limit in Wales, that they pay full attention to all road signage and markings, and they do not rely on sat navs for speed limit information. They may also need to allow more time for journeys.