EU Drivers’ Hours

15 August 2023

EU drivers’ hours rules apply to drivers of vehicles (or trailer combinations) exceeding 3.5 tonnes GVW and vehicles fitted with more than nine passenger seats. They are a complicated set of rules made even more complex when overlaid with the Working Time Directive.

Whether it’s driving time, working time, rest breaks or periods of availability – every minute of a driver’s time must be accounted for.

Our August EU drivers’ hours toolbox talk reminds drivers of the rules and everything they need to know about drivers’ hours, working time and tachographs. It covers:

  • A summary and reminder of EU drivers’ hours limits
  • Tachograph records, mode switches and equipment
  • Why EU drivers’ hours rules are still relevant after Brexit
  • The recent change made as part of the Mobility Package

Drivers hours and working time rules aim to reduce road risk and safeguard the quality of life of drivers. This toolbox talk reminds drivers of their responsibilities and the importance of complying with the rules.

A separate toolbox talk and handbook content are available covering 28 day record keeping and manual entries.