Walkaround checks and defect reports

26 April 2024

Drivers are legally responsible for the condition of their vehicle when it’s on the road and they must carry out a walkaround check before the vehicle is used. The results of the checks must be recorded and any safety defects must be reported and fixed before the vehicle is driven. 

Walkaround checks are essential to helping ensure the roadworthiness of a vehicle. They are also included in the commitment operators make when they apply for an Operator’s Licence.

This month’s Walkaround check and defect reporting toolbox talk informs drivers of the importance of vehicle roadworthiness, the role of routinely checking vehicle components and what to do if a fault is identified. It covers:

  • The specific checks inside and outside the vehicle and trailer checks where applicable
  • Recording and reporting defects identified during walkaround checks and on the journey
  • Enhanced safety equipment and blindspot system checks for HGVs
  • Three separate toolbox talks for HGV, PCV and Van and the latest DVSA walkaround check videos that support each

We all know the consequence of vehicle failure, a lost wheel or an unexpected breakdown. Vehicle walkaround checks are an integral part of an effective maintenance system and they’re vital for road safety.