Wheels and tyres

21 June 2023

Wheels and tyres are the final element in a vehicle’s transmission train and are essential to a vehicle’s stability and control. They are the only component that keeps a vehicle in frictional contact with the road and are constantly exerting the pressures of steering, braking and acceleration.

If a wheel or tyre fails at speed, the consequences can be catastrophic. Wheel loss or a tyre blow out can be a terrifying experience for the driver and other road users. Not only is there an uncontrolled projectile or debris, there is also a vehicle that is out of control.

This month’s wheels and tyres toolbox talk reminds drivers of the importance of wheel and tyre roadworthiness and their responsibility to ensure they are thoroughly checked and safe. It covers:

  1. Wheel and tyre checks as part of the walk around check procedure
  2. Specific wheel serviceability and condition checks and the wheel torque procedure
  3. Specific tyre serviceability and condition checks, the legal requirements and tyre pressures
  4. Enforcement and penalties that defective wheels and tyres can lead to

Wheel or tyre failure can also impact on operational effectiveness through breakdown delays, recovery costs and replacement vehicles. Their failure is usually progressive and many incidents can be avoided through good driver awareness and discipline.