HGV drivers and second jobs

20 January 2023

We are experiencing the biggest fall in living standards since records began, food prices continue to soar and energy bills are spiralling out of control. We’re going through a cost of living crisis and second jobs are becoming a temptation that many HGV drivers simply can’t afford not to consider.

Over a third of all workers have considered taking on a second job and in today’s economy working two jobs is becoming the norm. Allowing staff to take on a second job, enables them to increase their income and provide for their family at a time when main employers aren’t able to increase salaries or offer overtime. However, secondary employment can present issues and risks that need to be managed.

The first consideration for an operator is whether a secondary employment policy is in place or not. Is the driver required to ask for permission and what action is taken if they do? Will there be a detrimental impact on attendance, fatigue or performance? Is there a conflict of interest? A particular concern is the impact on, and compliance with, drivers’ hours and working time rules. A simple policy is to not permit second jobs at all. A blanket ‘no’ is the easy option, but potentially brushes the issue under the carpet. What you think may be daily or weekly rest, in legal terms could be ‘other work’. Managed correctly, an effective secondary employment policy provides a clear framework of what is and what is not acceptable and can benefit all parties during these financially difficult times.