Christmas drink driving

7 December 2022

Every Christmas we all work hard to campaign and spread awareness around the real dangers of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. Yet year on year, the consequence of individual decisions continues to cause devastation on UK roads. Imagine the heartbreak to be told that a loved one won’t be coming home – ever.

This year the issue of drink driving should be taken more seriously. With England in the knockout stages of the FIFA World Cup, the probability of a driver being over the legal limit the morning after is increased.

This month’s Christmas Drink Drive Toolbox Talk reminds drivers of their responsibilities behind the wheel and covers:

  • What the law says and the legal alcohol limits across the UK
  • ABV strength, and how long it takes the body to process alcohol
  • The consequences and strict penalties for drink driving convictions
  • The Christmas message – hard hitting Think campaign material

We all understand that drivers want to go out and celebrate at Christmas and we’re not saying drivers shouldn’t drink. What we are saying is that drivers should ‘think before they drink’, particularly if they have to drive the following day. The law around custodial sentences was strengthened this year meaning the convictions for drink driving offences are even more severe than before.