Glynn’s goes green with The Driver Handbook

21 September 2021

In a bid to minimise waste and increase efficiency, skip hire and waste recycler Glynn’s uses The Driver Handbook app and content management system (TDHConnect®) to significantly reduce its paper and ink usage for staff communications.

Since 2019 Glynn’s has been using The Driver Handbook across all functions in its waste operation, taking it beyond just HGV drivers. All safety-related information required by the company’s staff is made available via The Driver Handbook app.

Jason Glynn, General Manager, Glynn’s said “Previously I’d have spent so much of my time printing reams of pages for my drivers and staff to read. They would then have to sign it and remember to return it to me for filing. So aside from using and storing huge amounts of paper and ink, I’d also needed space to store signed copies – I’m sure most transport managers know the scenario all too well. Now we use TDHConnect® instead which means I can quickly upload any new information, send it out to staff in seconds and see exactly who’s read what, when and for how long. If I need to I can even reset a user’s progress if I think they’ve only skimmed the information.”

In addition to using the HGV handbook content for its drivers, Glynn’s has also created a Site Staff handbook for its non-driving staff, including traffic marshals, weighbridge operatives and picking staff, which contains all of the company’s safe systems of work documentation, risk assessments and other safety-related information. This content is also provided in Romanian and Polish for its staff who have English as a second language, to ensure complete comprehension. Glynn’s has recently appointed a ‘Driver Handbook Champion’ within the business to help promote the use of The Driver Handbook app and encourage all users to feel able to ask questions and provide feedback on the operational information supplied.

“Glynn’s is a great example of what The Driver Handbook can help a company achieve, not only in its simplest form – by saving time and minimising waste – but by taking it beyond its name, it’s so much more than just a driver handbook!” said Karen Davies, Operations Director, The Driver Handbook. “Jason has over 80 users on the system currently across 3 sites in London, all of whom are able to access business critical information at the point of need. We love seeing customers using the tool to its full potential and also working with them to understand how they might use it in the future.”

With a comprehensive range of vehicle handbook types available, The Driver Handbook offers trusted and engaging content, supplemented by an extensive library of toolbox talks, policy documents, knowledge checks, risk assessments and road safety campaigns. All content is freely available to The Driver Handbook’s licenced users and can be shared by managers quickly and easily. Both TDHConnect® and the app are intuitive and easy to use and come with comprehensive onboarding and ongoing support.

The Driver Handbook is available with access to TDHConnect® annually from just £599, plus £12.99 per app user, per annum, with volume discounts applied. Apps can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple’s app store, or distributed via Mobile Device Management services. Training and support is available to all TDHConnect® users at no cost, throughout the duration of a contract.