Highway Code – new changes out today!

14 September 2021
The government has announced today that rules on using motorways have been changed in the Highway Code. These changes refer to guidance on smart motorways, with 33 existing rules being changed and two new rules being introduced. Click here to read the latest changes announced today.
Updating our content
Every page in the Highway Code section of The Driver Handbook app is a direct link to the relevant section on the .Gov website. This means any changes that are made are always live, including today’s updates. However, because this is a material change we will also be creating a NEW VERSION of the relevant content in The Driver Handbook.
New Toolbox Talk 
In addition to updating the Handbook content, we’ve also created a new Toolbox Talk on the changes that have been made to the Highway Code, with a summary of the new amendments. It’s expected over the coming months there will be more changes being made and we’ll keep customers updated as this happens. The new printed edition of the Official Highway Code is due next year.