Delta Simons uses The Driver Handbook for fleet compliance

28 July 2021

As environmental advisors, Delta Simons’ core business is not fleet operations; irrespective of this the company operates an O Licenced fleet and needed to find an efficient way to communicate current and relevant information to its drivers.

In addition to managing its fleet, Delta Simons recently became Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Bronze accredited and to help support compliance with its FORS accreditation and O Licence undertakings, the company licenced The Driver Handbook in Autumn 2020 to disseminate operational information and communicate fleet management policies and procedures.

Gary Coster, Drilling Unit Manager, Delta Simons is also the company’s designated transport manager and has quickly realised the benefits of implementing The Driver Handbook through his fleet. “Previously I was spending significant amounts of time researching and distributing information to our drivers, but I was often concerned that what I was sending might not be sufficient. Since using The Driver Handbook this worry has been taken away from me, the content available to my drivers via The Driver Handbook app is endless, but most importantly I know I can rely on the quality of what’s provided – all the hard work’s been done for me. This allows me to focus on our core business, knowing our fleet has the information it needs to operate legally, safely and efficiently.”

“We’re only too aware of the role of the transport manager and all they have to do to ensure compliance with both the law and accreditation schemes, and to keep their drivers informed, whilst running a safe and efficient operation. The team at The Driver Handbook come from transport and communications backgrounds and know fleet operations inside out, this was why we developed The Driver Handbook. We saw an opportunity to support fleet managers with a solution to ease some of their day-to-day pressures and to supply them and their drivers with a portfolio of trusted content that is always up-to-date,” said Glen Davies, Managing Director, The Driver Handbook. “It was great to hear that The Driver Handbook is helping to make Gary’s life a little easier and is ensuring that Delta Simons’ drivers have the information they need, when they need it.”

With a comprehensive range of vehicle handbook types available, The Driver Handbook offers trusted and engaging content, supplemented by an extensive library of toolbox talks, policy documents, knowledge checks, risk assessments and road safety campaigns. All content is freely available to The Driver Handbook’s licenced users and can be shared by managers quickly and easily. Both TDHConnect and the app are intuitive and easy to use and come with comprehensive onboarding and ongoing support.