Load safety

28 June 2024

Ensuring vehicle cargo is safely loaded, correctly distributed and properly restrained is a critical driver responsibility. Not only does effective load security prevent danger to other road users, it also helps ensure that goods arrive at their destination undamaged.

There are tens of thousands of items retrieved from the strategic road network each year. Many require lane closure causing disruption and thousands result in successful prosecutions.

This month’s Load safety toolbox talk informs drivers of the importance of load security, their personal safety and the safety of others when loading and unloading. It covers:

  • What the law says with regard to load restraint, causing danger on the roads, and safe loading and unloading
  • The science behind load safety such as weight, friction, inertia and dynamic forces
  • Overloading and load distribution, so as not to exceed gross vehicle weight and maximum axle weights
  • Load restraint systems and what to do in the event of a load shift

Paying close attention to load security must be taken seriously by drivers. Transporting a safe and secure load not only keeps others on the road safe but also improves journey time reliability which should be the aim of all drivers who want to operate efficiently.