Workplace safety

18 March 2024

Everyone at work needs to know how to operate safely, without risk to themselves and others. A driver’s workplace can be a depot, warehouse, construction site, delivery point, or even the side of the road. These can be dangerous places, especially if people aren’t familiar with the risks they present. Around 25% of workplace deaths involving vehicles, under HSE remit, occur during reversing and slow speed manoeuvring.

Employers have a duty to give their staff clear safety instructions and information. Everyone needs to have the right level of information on any hazard that could cause harm, the risks the hazards pose and any measures the employer has in place to ensure safe operations.

This month’s Workplace safety Toolbox Talk provides drivers with the instructions and information they need and the actions they need to take. It covers:

  • What the law says about safety in the workplace
  • Responsibilities to keep themselves and others safe
  • Workplace and site transport and moving vehicles
  • Manual handling techniques; slips, trips and falls and personal protective equipment
  • Safety measures for drivers as lone workers

Toolbox talks are a practical step to demonstrate commitment to safety management and help protect drivers and others from harm. Everyone needs to have a clear understanding of their individual responsibilities, as well as those of the company. Workplace safety can often be taken for granted, and this is a short reminder of some simple safety principles.