Flannery Plant Hire – case study

13 June 2023

Flannery Plant Hire operates from a network of nine depots across the UK and as such has a dispersed workforce of drivers, working to varying shift patterns. In 2021 Flannery Director, John Moran identified The Driver Handbook as a simple method to ensure its staff received consistent and timely information and messaging.

The Driver Handbook was branded as the Flannery App and rolled out across the company in the summer of 2021. It gives drivers access to The Driver Handbook’s standard library of content, but more importantly includes Flannery’s own company-specific information.

John says:

“The consistency we get from sharing updates and information with our drivers via The Driver Handbook give me confidence knowing that everyone is receiving the same message, at the same time, no matter where they are in the UK.

We now have an agile approach to our driver communications and, as far as I’m concerned, The Driver Handbook is unique in this. Whilst the standard content provided by The Driver Handbook is excellent; being able to create the Flannery App and manage our own information that’s specific to our operation, customers and drivers is invaluable and is not something we had the capability to do before.

It’s become an integral tool in our transport operation. Our drivers can interact with the information immediately via the app and I am able to easily see that it’s been read in TDHConnect, the app’s content management system. Without The Driver Handbook there would be an obvious risk to the business: with it we’re able to demonstrate quickly and easily that information is up to date, has been communicated and then read and understood”.

Since implementing the solution in its transport operation, Flannery Plant Hire quickly realised the same technology could also be deployed to its team of mobile plant engineers. This team also have the Flannery App on their tablets and can access all the relevant company Health and Safety information and in particular the Risk Assessment Method Statements needed for their roles.

John continued:

“Another unexpected bonus of TDHConnect is that we’ve also now included a complete digital library of all plant manufacturer workshop manuals that can be accessed via the app – so our engineers can now navigate hundreds of manuals easily, all in one place and whenever they need them.

Previously engineers would have had huge folders with hundreds of pages of technical information, which is difficult and time consuming to search, and inevitably runs the risk of being out of date. In the same way as our drivers, we now share information via the Flannery App with our engineers, knowing they all have access to the same technical library no matter where in the UK they’re working. Everything’s at their fingertips in an instant.

Where ever our staff are, from Aberdeen to Cornwall, I know they have all the information they need via the Flannery App, to do their jobs safely, helping reduce risk across our operation and delivering the same great service to our clients.”