Cargo Express – case study

24 May 2023

The problem

With 95 drivers across five sites, all working various shifts, both am and pm; being able to distribute information to Cargo Express’ workforce was an almost impossible task.

As an Earned Recognition operator, the company has a requirement to not only provide its drivers with instructions in writing via a handbook, but also maintain Continued Professional Development for its drivers, via regular toolbox talks and other relevant information.

Until summer 2022, the entire communication process was delivered via paper, with information being given to drivers as and when they were available. With drivers being remote and working across multiple locations, this approach did not allow for time-sensitive information to be shared efficiently. The time spent developing and disseminating the material to drivers was proving to be a challenge. Aside from the periodic and legislative updates, more often than not, when it came to issuing driver memos, the time taken to ensure they had been circulated, read and understood meant the immediacy of the issue or incident they were referring to was no longer relevant.

The solution

The frustrations and effort involved in this inefficient process led Compliance Director Neil Buckley to explore the market for a digital solution. As a business which already has integrated a number of electronic systems into a range of processes, digital driver communications was the final piece of the ‘puzzle’ for Cargo Express.

“In my research, The Driver Handbook came to the forefront,” said Neil. “There were another couple of possible solutions I was considering, but it was the fact that The Driver Handbook’s content was kept continuously up-to-date, for the right reasons and by the right people that was the driving factor in my decision-making”.

Since deploying The Driver Handbook and its HGV, Van and Policy Pack handbooks in summer 2022, Cargo Express has utilised all aspects of the solution to communicate everything their drivers need to know; from the standard handbook content and monthly toolbox talks, to anything that would have previously been added to pin boards in their depots. Cargo Express drivers have instant access to any and all of this information via The Driver Handbook’s app on their mobile devices.

The results

Neil Buckley, Compliance Director, Cargo Express said:

“We have a number of apps that we use in our business and The Driver Handbook is high on my list of favourites; it’s certainly one of the solutions we wouldn’t be without as it’s changed the way we work.

Our drivers have told us that the information in the app is easy to find, whenever they need it. The standard content provided by The Driver Handbook covers everything it needs to and is far more comprehensive than our own handbook could have ever been. It would be almost impossible to recreate the wealth of information in The Driver Handbook on paper. It’s great knowing that’s all available to our drivers, all of the time, at the click of a button. And because it’s in an app, it’s always at hand for whenever drivers need it.

The TDHConnect system is also easy for me to use. I can distribute monthly toolbox talks in seconds and load driver memos in a matter of minutes. It’s saved me so much time and effort; plus I have traceability of what’s been sent, accepted, read and how long for. I was quickly able to demonstrate an average of four to four and a half hours of my time saved each week by using The Driver Handbook; which means I can use that time much more effectively.

In addition to saving me time, the other key saving has been a reduction in costs and waste – we’ve minimised our paper and ink usage for driver communications, to the extent we’ve been able to clearly demonstrate a reduction in our CO2 footprint.

If we didn’t have access to The Driver Handbook tomorrow, the thought of the work involved in switching back to paper, even as a temporary solution, is not something I even want to consider! The benefits to Cargo Express speak for themselves.

The Driver Handbook does so much more than it says on the tin. Aside from all the standard information it offers, the fact that we can record and prove we’ve done our duty in terms of making sure our drivers are fully informed is invaluable for us as a business.