We’re a CLOCS Delivery Partner

11 May 2023

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve become a CLOCS Delivery Partner.

It goes without saying that drivers in construction supply chains need access to essential safety information. Whether regulatory policies, safe working practices or site-specific rules, the information needs to be clear, relevant and up to date. Via The Driver Handbook operators can access our:

  • library of editable content
  • web-based content management system
  • mobile app that connects managers with drivers anytime, anywhere

Content can be tailored to include customer requirements, local procedures, toolbox talks, inductions or anything else that drivers need to know.

CLOCS Delivery Partners recognise the positive impact that CLOCS has in reducing risk to vulnerable road users, improving air quality and increasing efficiencies, and look to support and enhance that work though the products or services that they offer.

The national CLOCS Standard aims to eliminate the risk of heavy goods vehicles, which service the construction sector, harming people. Its primary goals include zero collisions, fewer journeys, improving air quality, improving efficiencies and managing reputational risk. It is a voluntary standard that promotes good practice beyond basic legal compliance. It provides a framework with clear roles and responsibilities to protect the wider community, the supply chain and employees.

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