Distracted driving

18 November 2022

Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time are the COAST principles of defensive driving. However, when a driver’s concentration is interrupted these principles are affected.

Distraction comes in a number of forms. There’s the obvious physical distraction when a driver takes a hand off the steering wheel but there are also constant visual, noise and mental distractions.

To ensure drivers are fully aware of the importance of concentration and to remind them of the risks, our November Toolbox Talk is on distracted driving.

The Toolbox Talk highlights that distraction is a difficult risk to manage and covers:

• Potential impact of a two second distraction at the wheel
• Recognising the various types of distraction
• Simple steps to avoiding distraction

The safety of an operation depends on a driver’s level of vehicle control. True multitasking is a myth, it actually means reducing the attention dedicated to driving safely. It’s important to take time to consider that being distracted from driving can significantly reduce a driver’s reaction times to hazards on the road.