Winter driving

26 October 2022

There’s only one thing that changes quicker than the political landscape in this country and that’s the Great British weather. With daylight saving time kicking in at the weekend, the clocks turning back an hour in October is an indicator that days are getting shorter, winter is on our doorstep and adverse weather is set to make road conditions a little more challenging.

To ensure drivers are fully prepared for the seasonal weather conditions and to remind them of the risks, winter driving is the subject of our October Toolbox Talk.

The Toolbox Talk reminds drivers how to operate safely in adverse weather and covers:

  • Preparing for winter driving and pre-journey checks
  • Typical winter kit needed to cope with an unplanned event
  • Safe driving techniques in different weather conditions

The safety of an operation depends on the skill, attitude and effectiveness of its drivers. However, different adverse weather conditions can demand very different driving techniques. It’s important to take time to consider the importance and impact of driver preparedness and safety as we enter the winter months.