Fuel efficiency

29 September 2022

The transport sector is no stranger to fluctuating fuel costs, but with fuel representing a large percentage of transport running costs, rising fuel prices are impacting significantly on operations. Driver professionalism and behaviour behind the wheel can therefore help ensure you operate as efficiently as possible.

To ensure drivers are fully aware of the importance of fuel efficiency and to remind them of their responsibilities, fuel efficiency is the subject of our September Toolbox Talk.

The Toolbox Talk reminds drivers of their role to optimise fuel consumption and covers:

  • Eco driving techniques
  • How vehicle technology should be used to improve fuel economy
  • The relationship between tyre pressures, speed and air resistance

The efficiency of an operation depends on the skill, attitude and effectiveness of its drivers.¬†However, day to day operational stresses can often take priority over a best practice driving style. It’s important to take time to consider the importance and impact of driver behaviour in a fuel management programme.