Drivers’ hours 28-day record keeping

31 August 2022

If EU Drivers’ Hour Rules weren’t complicated enough, they have recently become even more onerous. The rules changed in 2020 adding ‘annual leave’ and ‘sick leave’ to rest records for the 28-day record keeping requirement. However, DVSA’s interpretation of this rule goes beyond the regulation and, although updated in August, is now subject to enforcement action.

To ensure both regular and occasional ‘in-scope’ drivers are fully aware of this change and to remind them of their responsibilities, 28-day record keeping is the subject of our latest Toolbox Talk.

The Toolbox Talk reminds drivers of the current record keeping requirement and covers:
• What the new law says
• DVSA’s latest guidance (August 2022) and interpretation of the law
• What this means for the driver
• A step-by-step picture guide to tachograph manual entries

With a genuine lack of awareness of this change and an uncompromising interpretation of the law by the DVSA, drivers are now more likely to face a £300 graduated fixed penalty notice and their vehicle being immobilised for up to 45 hours. Operators are also vulnerable to driver hours’ prohibitions affecting their Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS).