We’re now a FORS Affinity Partner

13 July 2022

The Driver Handbook has become the latest supplier to join the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Affinity Partner network, with The FORS Driver Handbook to support driver communication.

The FORS Driver Handbook comprises a mobile app for drivers.  It is enabled by TDHConnect®, a content management system which puts fleet managers in full control of sharing up-to-the-minute essential information and accessing live reporting on driver progress and comprehension. Core to the solution are industry-leading handbooks, free toolbox talks, knowledge-checks, template declarations, a library of policies and much more. All content can be customised on the app, supplemented with operators’ specific information, and delivered directly to a driver’s device.

Operations Director at The Driver Handbook, Karen Davies commented: “The FORS Driver Handbook technology offers operators the ability to share information instantaneously and also provides comprehensive reporting on what drivers have read, when and for how long.  Paper-based communications can take days or even weeks to share across a fleet and consume a huge amount of time with a dated method for evidencing the FORS communications requirements.  Our web-based software portal gives managers immediate access to all content, so that they can ensure it is never out of date as well as offering operational confidence thanks to a full audit trail and version control.”

Ian Henderson, FORS Concession Director said: “The FORS Driver Handbook offer has been developed specifically for FORS accredited operators to help them to meet all the communication elements of the FORS Standard across Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Using a technology solution not only allows fleet managers to save valuable time, but helps promote legal, safe, and efficient driving as well as benefiting the environment by cutting down on waste.”