Moving traffic enforcement

27 June 2022

From June 2022, local authorities outside of London are able to apply for new powers to enforce ‘moving traffic offences’. This means they will be able to issue fines to drivers for offences previously only enforced by the police.

To ensure drivers a fully aware of this change and to remind them of some of the key traffic rules, we have created a Toolbox Talk.

The Toolbox Talk covers typical moving traffic offences such as:

  • Incorrectly driving into a bus lane
  • Stopping in a yellow box junction
  • Banned right or left turns
  • Illegal U-turns
  • Going the wrong way in a one-way street

The change means these offences have been decriminalised and will now be treated as civil ‘contraventions’ in the same way as parking contraventions. In local authority areas outside London, many of these offences may not have been fully enforced by the police in the past. In the future, enforcement could be much more prevalent and could increase the probability of fines. Ensure your drivers are fully up to date with these new traffic enforcement rules.

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