Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) centralises fleet communications with The Driver Handbook

10 June 2021

With a fleet of almost 100 vans and cars to support its UK-wide network of construction equipment customers, Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) has rolled out The Driver Handbook app to distribute and manage its driver communications from one single platform.

Hitachi’s decision to invest in The Driver Handbook was twofold: to move away from paper-based driver handbooks and reduce the number of emails sent to its employees. Providing customer support, product sales and servicing across the whole of the UK, Hitachi’s drivers have traditionally been supplied with printed handbooks and communicated to via email, phone and SMS.

Since implementing The Driver Handbook in late 2020, Hitachi has transitioned to using the web-based platform and app for all driver information and communication. The company has populated TDHConnect, the app’s content management system, with a comprehensive range of declarations, policies, toolbox talks and documentation – all of which would have previously been distributed either on paper or via email.

“The ability to supplement The Driver Handbook’s car and van content with our own company-specific information has been a game-changer,” said Stacey Coffey, Company Fleet Coordinator, Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK). “We need to make sure all our staff are up-to-date, have signed the relevant declarations to drive for work and can find the essential information they need to do their jobs with minimal intervention. Aside from sharing business critical information, we’ve also been able to load other data such as insurance policies and handy phone numbers, all of which is in the app whenever drivers need to access it.”

In addition to adding company-specific content, Hitachi is also using TDHConnect and the app to evidence its driver communications for internal managerial checks and external audit bodies. Currently the company is Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Bronze accredited and is using The Driver Handbook as part of its progression to Silver accreditation.

With a comprehensive range of vehicle handbook types available, The Driver Handbook offers trusted and engaging content, supplemented by an extensive library of toolbox talks, policy documents, knowledge checks, risk assessments and road safety campaigns. All content is freely available to The Driver Handbook’s licenced users and can be shared by managers quickly and easily. Both TDHConnect and the app are intuitive and easy to use and come with comprehensive onboarding and ongoing support.

“It’s great to see Hitachi using not only our standard car and van handbooks, but also making the most of TDHConnect to load their own company information,” said Glen Davies, Managing Director, The Driver Handbook. “We’ve used our extensive industry knowledge and experience to develop what we hope is a trusted platform of content for our customers, so they can rely on The Driver Handbook to provide drivers with all the necessary information to do their jobs safely, legally and efficiently. Hitachi are using The Driver Handbook to go one step further, putting everything at their drivers’ fingertips, helping to save time and also providing a solid audit trail of what’s been shared, accessed and read.”

The Driver Handbook is available with access to TDHConnect annually from just £599, plus £12.99 per app user, per annum, with volume discounts applied. Apps can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple’s app store, or distributed via Mobile Device Management services. Training and support is available to all TDHConnect users at no cost, throughout the duration of a contract.