East Trans embraces driver handbook technology to enhance driver communications

5 May 2021

In an effort to move away from paper-based processes, logistics solutions provider East Trans has digitised its driver communications with The Driver Handbook smartphone app and dedicated content management system, TDHConnect.

With the aim of moving its business forward by introducing new technologies, East Trans signed up to The Driver Handbook for its fleet in early 2021 and is already seeing significant improvements in its ability to communicate with drivers and share business critical information quickly and effectively.

The Driver Handbook is two bespoke, interdependent pieces of software: a mobile app and a web-based content management system. Designed for businesses that operate a fleet of any size or type, The Driver Handbook introduces mobile device technology to replace the traditional printed driver handbooks and other essential business information. There is an additional layer of functionality provided by TDHConnect, which allows managers to load company-specific information, monitor driver progress and communicate with users instantly, no matter their location.

Whilst initially using the app for The Driver Handbook’s industry-leading handbook content, East Trans has quickly realised the benefits of loading its own company-specific information for its drivers via TDHConnect. In doing so the company has almost completely removed the need for paper-based driver information.

Chloe Hickling, Compliance & Administration Transport Operations, East Trans said, “The Driver Handbook is so easy to use and means we’re able to quickly share key information with all our drivers, which helps keep them safe when they’re doing their jobs and continue to provide an excellent service to our customers. Whilst we’re still in the early stages of using The Driver Handbook across the business, it’s already easy to see how we’ll be able to put it to use in other areas of East Trans. The more information we’re able to include in the app and not on paper, the better!”

“We’re thrilled to have East Trans on-board with The Driver Handbook.” said Karen Davies, Operations Director, The Driver Handbook. “It’s been great to see how quickly they have embedded the solution in their business and that it’s not only helping to improve communications, but also saving the company time, money and effort. During the early stages of the process, we were on-hand to provide support with the transition and we’re now looking forward to helping East Trans further develop their use of TDHConnect to take it to the next stage for their operation.”